Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

A worthwhile purchase

So there was this tongue barbell that I saw in the case at Hot Topic months ago, but I probably had spent a lot of money at the mall already by the time I got there, so I thought no, frivolous, I don't need it. I didn't buy it several times after that. But a week or so ago I decided screw it, I'm getting it, I only have two different ones and the last one I got was on Spring Break two years ago. So I went and at first it looked like they didn't have that kind anymore but then the nice perky girl with the Red bangs found it, just one left and I said "Yay! Doesn't this look like fun?"

Man, I should have bought this thing months ago. It brings me such pleasure! I mean it looks great but more importantly it is a BLAST to play with! I got my tongue pierced for two main reasons, a) because I like the way it looks, flashing and furtive and whatnot and b) because I like to fiddle with things [NO I did not get it for fellatio reasons PLEASE you SICKO]. Oh also because I felt a little old.

So if you have your tongue pierced I URGE you to get one like this, with parts to play with. Here, look:

here it is!

I have been twirling it around and around in my mouth all night. With my tongue, though, not my finger.

Here, look.

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