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Man do I feel wasted today. I think maybe I went to bed too late last night, but I'm not positive. I do know that when I got home at around quarter to ten, I wanted it to be a Friday or Saturday night, rather than a Sunday, so I treated it as such.

Yesterday we went to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philly. I'd never been before, though I have been to the Museum of Natural History in New York tons of times. This museum is considerably smaller, but arguably a bit more enjoyable; there are more kid-related things to do, like press buttons when they light up. Tami liked to do that a lot.

I crawled in a plastic submarine and petted a tortoise and gripped a snake and admired a cowbird (so black!) and startled a moth with my camera's flash and debated whether I was more disturbed by the hairy tarantulas, or the little kids that rudely pushed me aside to peer at the cockroaches. I don't know if you remember, but Natural Science museums are the ones with dioramas of stuffed animals. Not plush, but taxidermied. The tigers were really good, but the lions -- I don't know, they didn't do very well with the eyes, they looked dark and sunken in and made them look like ghost lions. And there were three males and two females, and I think we've all watched enough nature shows and Disney cartoons to know that's not how it generally works. Some of the animals in there -- like the okapi (I wrote it down) -- were really cool looking, and I couldn't believe that they are alive now, and weren't ancient extinct mammals. I think it was the big ears.

As we were walking out a little girl was waving to the pandas saying "bye, bears! Bye!" I muttered to Kate, "Kid, those bears have been dead for seventy years."

Oh also there was a real dead mummy. And a statue of an allosaurus, whose skin I was really scared to touch. I wanted to feel it, feel how pebbly, but those teeth . . . even though I knew he wasn't going to move, it still took me a minute or two to summon the courage to pet his cheek.

After our return to Jersey, Tami and Manning and Ben and I went to see The Festival at Cannes. I looked it up at IMDB this morning to find out who played Blue (Ben and I were certain we'd seen her somewhere before, but she has NOTHING else on her profile. I don't know what to think about that), and it mostly got crappy reviews, but man, I thought it was awesome. The acting was so convincing, and the characters were imperfect, and . . . I don't know, we all just really liked it a lot.

Before the movie was a trailer for a movie about which I am VERY excited as it looks interesting, is based on a true story about Charlie Chaplin, and I was thinking I wanted to see it and then they say "Eddie Izzard as Charlie Chaplin" and he had looked familiar but I hadn't recognized him so WOO-HOO! I love that man. When I finally got home I put in Dress to Kill because I never watch the tapes I have. I fell asleep halfway through but that wasn't Eddie's fault, it was the alcohol and the drugs and the long, fun, exhausting day I had had.

Somewhere between Cannes and Eddie I also watched The Wash. The story was kind of stupid, and it was frustrating what assholes both Dre and Snoop were (but in different, equally frustrating ways), but I laughed a whole hell of a lot so I was happy with it. Also, every commercial I saw of The Wash made it look like it had the quality of a home movie, but it was as crisp and flashy as a rap video, so. Oh, and Eminem cracked me up, but he also looked like a sixteen-year-old kid, I don't know how that happened. Maybe he's shorter than I remember, or something.

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