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Restless and frisky.

So, when you're at work, and bored, and totally don't want to be there, do you ever get kind of . . . restless and . . . well, frisky?

Yeah, me neither.

I drove back from lunch with the windows down (still haven't gotten my window repaired, but sometimes I can get it to work), and no radio on. It's good to listen to the tires on the road sometimes.

I may actually be going on a little vacation in May, but I don't want to jinx it so I'll say no more. Oh, but I was happy to discover today that I have indeed been "earning" vacation these first months at work. See, we're not allowed to take vacation until we've been here six months, which is sort of bullshit but I've heard of that before, but the way the policy was worded I thought I wasn't even earning vacation during those six months, and so would start out with nada. (This company doesn't just give you ten days at the beginning of the year, you earn one every 1.2 months you work. Isn't that stupid?) So I will have five days after April 29th. Which means I probably could have taken an even longer vacation, but I'm stupid and bought the plane tickets before I asked for the day off. Which is why I REALLY don't want to jinx anything. Wow that's not interesting to read at all, is it? Sorry. Hmm . . .

Still working on that post about Art. And the one about The Little Prince. And the one about British pop. And the one about the banana who went into town for his birthday.

Oh! It was Henry's birthday yesterday. We didn't celebrate. He turned two, which is apparently the age at which you remain stupid and bitey. I guess maybe I'll buy him something tomorrow when I swing by the pet store. Like a mouse! Don't you think I should get him a live mouse, like one for snakes, for him to chase after and catch? I want to see how good a hunter he is.


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Apr. 2nd, 2002 10:59 am (UTC)
so i'm not the only one...
So, when you're at work, and bored, and totally don't want to be there, do you ever get kind of . . . restless and . . . well, frisky?


but the real question is do you ever stare longingly at the copy machine & think about making passionate love atop it while simultaneously making photocopies?

me neither...
Apr. 2nd, 2002 11:47 am (UTC)
So go for a drive.
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