Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Missionary taxi

Today at lunch I saw a taxi that had one of those light-up triangly signs on top that usually has advertisments for "The Lion King" and such. Only THIS one had Bible verses on it. "Remember the Sabbath Day, keep it holy . . . " it began and I forget the rest. Whenever the word "God" or "Jesus" appeared, it was written in red. It was pretty long, about five or six lines.

I wonder if someone rented out that space, or if the cab driver himself put that up there. I'd go with the latter; sometimes cabs have religious bumper stickers, too. I think if I were a cabbie I'd worry that I'd scare business away, but I suppose most cabriders don't care much about the religious leanings of their driver, they just want to get where they're going. If people did care about stuff like that, then all taxis would smell like gardenias inside.

It didn't work. The lighty-up sign, I mean. I don't remember all it said, and I'm still a heathen. I guess if I were cool like Jon, I'd have ripped it off the roof of the cab and broken it in two 'cross my knee. But it was real hot out there, so I just stayed inside and let the guy roll away in peace.

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