Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Why can't my meetings be as rip-roaringy funny as Manning's?

Last week I was at this meeting, and they were talking about how this moveable bridge has a bum motor. The possible solutions are to replace it, or to have it rewound. It can be rewound, because it's a "wound rotor motor". That's right, folks, a "wound rotor motor". And the moveable bridge guy kept saying, "we can rewind the wound rotor motor". And nobody else thought this was hilarious. What planet am I on? That sounds funny, right? It's not "weird" that I think that "wound rotor motor" is an amusing phrase, is it? These wet blankets said "wound rotor motor" to each other for three to five minutes with nary a chuckle. What a country.

P.S. At first, by mistake, I put "rip-roariously" in the subject heading. Which I suppose is an amalgum of "rip roaring" and "uproarious". Maybe I should have left it that way. Is "uproarious" even a word? Oof, it's that ol' say-a-word-enough-and-it-ceases-to-have-meaning thing again. Never mind. Goodbye.

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