Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Shootin' the shit

Hey, everybody!

You know what you should do, when you have a second? Go vote at the Webby Awards. Last year LiveJournal won two of the People's Choice Awards (I believe BOTH were write-ins), but they didn't win for Community. And they really should, don't you think? Isn't this a great community? So go and vote and write 'em in. Go! Vote! Write 'em in!

Speaking in a remarkably geeky way about how I really like a lot of the people I've met on the Interweb -- you know what I wish the most? That we could just hang out. [I don't mean YOU, you egomaniac.] Like, skip the introductions and the awkward beginnings and the stupid formalities and just fuckin' hang out. Sit around, drinking a little, smoking a little, just shootin' the shit. Not even getting all that excited about it, just doing it. [Don't take that out of context, you sick fuck!] But you all live so far away. Oh well.

Today is like Friday for me because I'm taking tomorrow off! My mom and I are driving eighty thousand million hours up to Rochester to visit my fat brother. He's at school in Buttfuck, New York. Hanging out with a lot of nerds, and a lot of deaf people. Which is not to say he doesn't dig deaf people, because he totally does, he just claims that it's tough to intermingle because they speak a different language and all. I think maybe he's racist.

And then NEXT week I'm going down to New Orleans for the SNUP Convention! We're having t-shirts made up.

PostScript: Okay, I was going to point you to the item in news that described the Webby thing better than I: but it's uncommentable, so I couldn't click on a comment thingy to get to a new page to grab a link. So I went to the news journal, but it ain't showing up there. How queer. Well, if you want to, you can look at it on my Friends page -- I think. If it's worth the trouble to you. The end.

PostPostScript: Er, okay, it's gone from the journal. Or has become locked? Why? Man, now you HAVE To go vote because SOMEONE DOESN'T WANT US TO! Man, what makes one want do do something more than being told not to? Like nothing! Go vote!

PostPostPostSript: Sorry for all the dangling infinitives. My bad.

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