Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips


Hey, man.

I just got back from New Orleans, and boy are my arms tired. Except by "just" I mean "yesterday afternoon", and by "arms" I mean "person". So I suppose "are" should be "is".

Holy cow, Best Three Days In a Long, Long Time. Seriously, Yo. What an amazing trip. New Orleans itself was pretty durn fly, but I think mainly it was the discovery that people really are as cool and witty and interesting in real life as they are on the internet. ScareCrow and Slick were the best hosts evar. I got to stay in Scrow's apartment, all by myself! How awesome is THAT? And they picked me up from the airport AND drove me back and Scrow made dinner and a cake and Empress Mars (who doesn't have a LiveJournal, she's too busy being cool) made deelishus lasagna and they all drove us all over the place and showed us things and explained stuff and Holy Cow, what an amazing weekend. I didn't take enough pictures, but I know that everybody took eight thousand, so all is well.

In case you haven't been paying attention, the other guests this weekend were Manning, Tami, Schtune, and Rhino showed up Friday afternoon. And Jon! Jon was a Supar Sekret Surprise Guest Star that everyone knew about except me. It was AWESOME.

Stories to follow in serial form. You'll be hearing everything eight times, but I don't care. Perspectives are swell.

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