Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

the chef, the fish, and "my bum is on the"

This past weekend I went to Ikea with my friend Mitch. By the time we got to the checkout, a lot of our stuff was all mixed up in the shopping cart. Instead of trying to sort everything out, we decided that Mitch would just pay for it all, we'd figure out what I owed him, and I'd cut him a check or something.

So yesterday he hands me the receipt and I say "did you figure out what I owe you?" and he says "no, I thought you would do it." So today, which is an incredibly slow day at work, I pull the receipt out of my purse and get my pencil ready and IT'S ALL IN SWEDISH! Every item is identified only by its manufacturer name, not by a description. So now I have to remember and guess and cross-reference with the Ikea website, etc.

Some sample names for your amusement:

HOTT (a tea kettle)
LINGA (sounds dirty to me)

Crazy Swedes.

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