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I remember that the ice cream tasted good.

I have a ridiculous number of messages in my Inbox, because I'm not good at deleting them after they've served their purpose. I'm also a packrat, a romantic, and a sentimental fool. None of these identities lend to tossing letters.

So I'm going through my Inbox, deleting meaningless messages, and I come across a description of a dream. It's real old -- Feb 7, 2000-- because it was originally from my previous email account, and when I was cleaning that out, I forwarded it to myself because I thought it was so weird.

However, dreams are really boring to listen to. Especially if you're not in them. And this is a long one. But . . . I'm posting it anyway.

Oh, and the emails were sent to Mitch initially, so if I say "you", that's who I'm talking about. Oh, and also, one more thing: I believe I had this dream after I got my wisdom teeth removed. Not that day or anything, but before my stitches came out, which means I may have been taking painkillers, which may explain the length and detail of the dream, and why I was able to recall so much of it. Here 'tis:

I think first I was in some sort of football game, with tackling and
everything. And some bitch tackled me or something and I was really pissed
and I wanted to get her back on the next play, but first I decided to go to
the ice cream shop because that's where a lot of people were going (I know,
I'm a little piggy). So I go to the ice cream shop and there's a long line,
and nobody I know is there. So I'm waiting on line, and there are two thin
black guys in front of me, and they're both wearing maroon baseball caps with
white writing and they say almost the same thing. Something like "kohmuhaha"
or something; kohmu with a few letters tacked on the end, and then underneath
two longer words that start with "M". So I suppose I realize that they must
know you or something, and somehow we strike up a conversation -- me and the
guy right in front of me, who might be in back of me, now that I think about
it. So he says how he knows you, and he's a big fan, and he has the new cd
that just came out. So I ask, and he hands me this cd case, and says that I
can borrow it, and give it back to him at the party that night that you're
having. Then it's my turn to get ice cream, so I get a piece of chocolate ice
cream cake and it has pieces of chocolate in it, and it's real good. The
dudes leave, and I eat my ice cream, and I look through the cd booklet. It's
made from really nice smooth paper, like how a lot of paperback books feel
these days.

And they weren't the kohmu cd's. At first, when the dude handed me the cd, I
didn't know what it was. The booklet was really, really long, and was mostly
just photographs, a lot of them in funny colours, like the first photo session
of yours. So I was looking through it, and walking somewhere or something,
and I ran into Jeff. [Oh, and I was thinking that it was weird that I didn't
know about the cd before hand, because it seemed to be a really big project,
and we talk so often, it was odd that you hadn't mentioned it before]. So I
show the book to Jeff (by this time it's big, like 8 1/2 by 11) and say to
Jeff, "hey, did you see this yet?" And he hadn't, but he knew it was going to
be finished soon. So he and I are looking through it, and there are photos of
people we know in it, and people we didn't know, and then I was like, "hey, is
that me?" and it was, it was a picture of me sitting in an inner tube in a
pool or the ocean or something, and I was wearing regular clothes, not a
bathing suit. That made me think that it was extra weird that you had never
told me about it, since I was in it and all. So we went through it and there
were pictures of me here and there, and there were also pictures which I
*thought* were me, but after I looked more closely I realize that they
weren't. Like, the face was kind of the same, but the hair was way too long,
or a color that mine had never been, or I was in situations that I had never
been in, and one of them in particular I remember the girl was wearing a
button-down shirt or something that wasn't closed, and you could see that her
boobs were bigger than mine, and I was hoping for a second that it *was* me,
and that's how big my boobs were, but Jeff confirmed that it wasn't.

So then Jeff shows me this ad in a magazine, and it's a guitar ad, and Suave
is the dude holding the guitar [it didn't occur to me til after i woke up that
this was especially weird since Suave doesn't even play the guitar]. And it
was in a separate magazine, but the photography style was the same as that in
the book. And Suave was holding the guitar funny, just holding on to the body
of it with the head pointed toward his feet, (he was sitting down), and the
guitar didn't have strings, it was electronic or something.

Then came the second part of the dream, which was related to the first, but
I'm not sure how. I was in a record store with two or three other hooligans.
The scene was very dark and futuristic and negative-utopiaish; in fact, the
whole rest of the dream looked as though it could have happened in _The
Matrix_. We were walking around, and they wanted to shoplift stuff.

This is where the chronology of everything gets a little confused.

I went to a sorority, at night. They were having a party, but there was lots
of room there. It was a lesbian sorority, but they didn't look like real-life
lesbians in that they were all good looking. They looked like they were from
the matrix, in that they were all pale with dark hair and wore tight clothes,
usually shiny and black. I walked in behind this girl who didn't belong to
the sorority; she was pretty, and pale with dark hair, but she was wearing
comfortable-looking jeans, and a blue top that Henky has, with a square
neckline. I ended up following her around, not because I was following her,
but because neither of us knew where we were going. I'm not a lesbian, but
this girl was.

At some point I'm back in the record store again with the shoplifting people
who are all wearing dark clothes. They're talking about this big plan that's
going to go down, at your party that night. You were in on it too, possibly
as the mastermind, but you weren't there; these were just your henchman. Now
that I think about it, although you were a large part of the dream, I don't
know that you ever actually make an appearance. Anyway, they had a device
that they had to hide. It was round and plastic, about the diameter of a dime
but a half-inch thick. It had some sort of insignia on it, maroon on a black
field, some sort of triangle. I got the impression that it was just a case,
and there was a tiny microchip inside of it. So one of the record-company
people was coming around the aisle, and we had to hide it, so one of the guys
suggests -- and this is where it gets dirty -- that *I* hide it, because I'm
wearing a skirt. If you get my drift. So I'm not happy about it, but I let
him hide it there (and he gives me this horrible devious little grin), and
then we're able to leave the record store.

So I think more stuff happens, but the next thing I remember is that I'm back
at the sorority house, and I'm walking through again, and I find the girl that
I'm looking for. She's lounging on this black leather couch, leaning on top
of the chick who I had followed around the first time. And they're both
smiling at me, mostly friendly, but a little craftily as well, because they're
lesbians and they know that I'm not. So the girl tells me that to fufill this
mission or whatever it is, four things have to be accomplished. The first is
that that little plastic box has to be brought to her. Now, here's the weird
part: she won't tell me the second thing until the first thing is completed.
And I remember her saying something like ok, good, now here's the second
thing. [Oh: and we never actually speak, we only communicate telepathically
using images]. *Then*, after she says that, my mind goes back to explain how
I got the first thing to her.

It seems like it would be an easy task, albeit a bit gruesome, but it turns
out not to be so much. First I might be wearing black vinyl pants, so I'd
have to go someplace to change. Then maybe I am wearing a skirt again, but
I'd be embarassed to get it in front of the girls, and they know this, so
they're kind of smiling mockingly at me. Then -- and this is more just an
image -- I'm in some kind of manhole, underneath a limo, and I reach up to
poke a hole in the chassis, because that's where the thing is, and i put my
index finger in there, but then the limo starts moving and I'm dragged and
there's blood everywhere . . . and I'm confused, because I'm in a completely
different place from the sorority house, and it doesn't seem like I'm going to
get the object, but I *know* that I get it, because I remember her telling me
what to do next.

Then I think I must have half woke up, because the next part doesn't fit with
the previous part. I'm in the record store again, and the dude is telling me
that the cd that you made was a remix of a John Linnell album, you thought
that the songs were good, but they could have been done a lot better. So you
redid all the songs, and the dude showed me the cd, and the cd was the same as
that little plastic thing, a maroon triangle on a black background. He
explained that we were going to replace all of the real John Linnell cd's with
the one you had made, because it was better.

I forgot to say in the beginning that the book that went with the cd had the
same title on it as was on the two black dudes' hats.

So that's that. Boy, I feel worn out. What do you think about THAT? It was
very much like a movie. And I remember that the ice cream tasted good.

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