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I love me some Physics professors, I'll tell you what

Don't know how cool it is to repost a comment that you wrote in someone else's journal entry as an entry of your own, but here it is anyway, because it's a nice story because it's about birthdays, and me, and my birthday, and those are two of my favorite things. Also I added an epilogue. So here goes.

Sophomore year of college, the day of my 21st birthday was unseasonably warm (as usual). I had only one or two classes that day, one of which being my Physics lecture. Which had I guess 200 + people in it, but I sat sort of near the front. I wore my tiara, because it was my birthday. Of course.

That evening, I had a Physics exam. I wasn't too upset about it, though, because 1) I'm a very good test-taker, and I like Physics, and 2) if the exam had been the day after my birthday, I would have had to study on my birthday, so that would have been worse.

I walked to the exam, still wearing my tiara. I found a stick, which I named my Birthday Stick, and tapped it against things all the way there. When I got to the testing site, I broke it into a manageable size -- about a foot long -- and brought it in with me for good luck.

I am a very fast multiple-choice test taker. Either I know the answer, or I don't. I'm almost always one of the first people finished. I think in this instance (even with all those hundreds of students), I was the first finished. Smiling, I walked up to the front of the room to hand in my paper. The two TA's and my professor were there, and my professor stepped forward to take my test from me. I've never talked to the guy, because I don't go to office hours. But he's a Physics professor, which invariably means he's really weird and cool and funny and goofy and smart, so of course I adored him. So I hand my test to him, and he looks up at my tiara (just a crappy $4.99 one from a Halloween store, not my good one), and says, "is it your birthday today?" and I say "why yes it is!" and he says "well Happy Birthday!" and I say "why thank you!"

So flowers, and tiaras, are apparently universal Birthday signs.

ADDENDUM: The shortened Birthday Stick stayed in my Taurus for a long time after. At one point over the summer my dad did something with my car . . . took it to get its oil changed, or maybe to get cleaned or something. He said to me, "there was a stick in there, but I didn't get rid of it, because I figured you were keeping it for a reason. Was I right?" You go, Dad!

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