Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

My Adventures in New Orleans - Chapter Five

So we've had our fun in the French Quarter. And we're walking back to the Queen & Crescent hotel, to drop off Tami and Manning. So we're all walking up the street, which is definitely hillish. Schtune and Scrow are up in the front, and I'm way in the back (as usual), talking to one of the girls, I forget whom. So we're walking up the street, and Scrow and Schtune cross to the corner the hotel is on, and I see that Scrow is greeting some guy, shaking his hand and giving him a hug and stuff. Here, for your amusement, is my inner monologue:

Oh, that must be some guy ScareCrow knows. Ha, hey, that guy looks like Jon Morris. Waitaminnit, that guy looks a lot like Jon Morris. Ha, I'm so stupid, I think that guy looks like Jon Morris. Wait, that isn't Jon Morris, is it? What would Jon Morris be doing here? Nah, that's not Jon Morris, that's just some kid ScareCrow knows. Is that Jon Morris?

I mean, we're walking up a sidewalk, which means everyone's in pairs, which means there are like four different conversations going on, and no one is screaming and yelling in surprise. If Jon Morris were to magically materialize on the streets of New Orleans, one would expcet a lot of screaming and yelling, wouldn't one?

I look to the side of me at whatever girl it was, but she wasn't screaming and yelling. Okay, so what the fuck. Is that Jon Morris? It looks like Jon Morris, but I've never seen Jon Morris in real life. So what do I know? Why isn't anyone screaming and yelling? I am not about to say "Oh my God, that's Jon!" right here in front of God and everybody just so that everyone can turn and look at me and say, "Uh, that's Bob. That's not Jon Morris. Bob doesn't look anything like Jon Morris." Oh -- holy shit, that's Jon Morris.

I don't know why I kept calling him "Jon Morris" in my mind. I never think of him as "Jon Morris," only "Jon."

So anyway, it was Jon Morris! Holy crap! He had been planning on coming for weeks, and everybody knew but me! It was a Washu-specific surprise! I don't know why they picked me, they just did! I guess everyone else had to know for organization purposes, but they wanted it to be surprise for somebody, so me it was! Holy crap. What an amazing turn of events.

I looked all shocked and happy and excited, and we took pictures. Then we went up into the hotel (Jon was staying there, too) to Jon's room, where I proceeded to dance around a lot. I couldn't keep still. I was bouncing and prancing and times-stepping and shuffling off to Buffalo.

Eventually we took the streetcar back to Kevin and Katie's houses. Oh, and Jon broke it on the way there. He pulled a string (Pull dee string! PULL dee string!) that was attached to the thing that runs along the wire that gives the streetcar power. (By the way, I'm totally supposed to know the names for those things. I took a class on Urban Transportation. Boo me.) Which was sort of funny, because Jon looked REALLY scared and embarassed, and that's the sort of thing that ALWAYS happens to me, so it was interesting to watch it happen to Jon. A police man came and arrested him, and we had to bail him out of a New Orleans jail.

After all that, we got ready to go out. Slick and Mars went to some 80's Night somewhere, and the rest of us were headed for the Funky Butt. But first we stopped in an Irish Pub for some food. Dude checked my ID. They made strong bourbon & coke's, and REALLY REALLY GOOD AND REALLY CHEESY cheese fries. This was the first location maybe that Jon started telling me how cute I was.

Apparently I tend to self-depreciate on the Internet, so Jon was determined to boost my self-esteem during the weekend. I'm alternately arrogant and self-critical, so my former side was lapping up all the stuff my latter side needed. We were in the pub, and I smarmily made some sort of double entendre, and then winked at Jon. "OHHHmygod!" he said. "DId you just wink at me? That is SOOOO cute! That's the cutest wink I've ever seen!" Yowza! I was expecting a chuckle, but thanks! A few minutes later, the cheese fries had arrived, and I looked around for condiments. "Does anyone see any catsup?" I inquired. "Did she just say 'cat-sup'? Did you just say 'cat-sup'? OHHHmygod! That is SO cute!" Man. I could tell this was going to be a GOOD weekend.

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