Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Grown-ups have a boring sense of humor.

There are only a few computers in the office that have a particular pair of programs, used for stormwater management design. Only one of these is in a public place, but it's not hooked up to a printer and one of the programs won't run. So most of the times when I need to use said programs, I have to kick a very nice man named Jim out of his office. He's one of the Project Engineers.

His office is the first one sees as one passes the receptionist. It has a window. It's on the main corridor.

Every time I'm in there, every single person that walks past says one of the following:

"Hey, Jim!"

"Wow, Jim, you've lost some weight!"

"Oh, hi Jim, I just wanted to -- hey, you're not Jim!"

Every single person, every single time.

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