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Happy Bizznirthday!

Happy birthday Pretty Kate Machine!

In my email's address book, I made your first name "Pretty Kate", and your last name "Machine".

I'm no good at rhyming poems, and I'm not a big fan of free-verse ones, so here's a haiku:

There's this girl I know
She really cracks my shit up
Vikings are her steez.

Wow, I didn't get to say a lot in that at all. Here's another one:

Whenever Kate writes,
She sounds really excited
I'm excited too.

Oh, so lame. Oh you Japanese, why must your poems be so short?

She makes me re-think:
I normally don't hang
With feminists, yo

Man, I have to stop now before I embarass myself further. And I didn't even get to mention Nine Inch Nails.

I think you're fantastic, Kate! When first I encountered you, I must admit, I thought you were a little crazy, a little wacky. But then you grew on me and THEN I met you and realized I was taking you too seriously! Now I know! And you know what they say about knowing!

You're one of my favorite kids on the internet. Your journal entries are always funny, but man -- you're like one of the best commentors out there. You are the queen of the one-liner, empress of the zing, and lord grand ruler of the e-tard. I'm glad I get to hang out with you all day at work. I haven't gotten to hang out with you very often in real life, but whenever I hear you're around, bam, I'm there. I can't get enough of ye's. You're fantastic.

Happy Birthday! I didn't realize I was older than you! Twenty-three is great, because two plus three equals five! Hooray! Have fun tonight and make sure to call the wenches "wenches" and I hope you're crowned princess but even if you're not you'll always be our princess. Awwwwwww.


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May. 31st, 2002 12:35 pm (UTC)
I mean it Washu, this is really awesome.

When I first met you at that party, I was so worried, because I thought "Oh man, I really like reading Washu's journal and I think she's smart & funny and she just saw me yelling about spinach dip and she most likely thinks I am SO DUMB." Yeah, so I wanted you to think I'm cool, and somehow, I DID IT!
May. 31st, 2002 12:36 pm (UTC)
Ps. I'll be your token feminist friend anyday!
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