Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Ode to Tami

Tami's birthday was last Tuesday, which is almost a long time ago already, but I was in the fierld all week so this is my first real opportunity to sit down and talk about how much I like her.

I met Tami a few years ago, and have been seeing an awful lot of her since she started dating you-know-who. And also there's this whole LiveJournal thing -- man, from one of her first posts, about the house she grew up in, she had me hooked. I think it's okay to admit that I wasn't crazy about Tami when first we met, because I wasn't crazy about most of my Favorite People when first I met them. Like, you know those people in movies who are like "I'm a very good judge of character"? I'm the opposite of that. I'm almost always wrong. But man, Tami's the shit. I don't have an awful lot of friends who are girls, because girls are often . . . well, boring. But Tami's one of the good ones.

The most important part that's good about Tami is that she's FUN and is always up for a good time and isn't afraid to be goofy. Also she always has candy-colored hair (except when it's black, which I hear it is now, but you get my drift) which brings COLOR and BEAUTY into my life. She wears big shoes and is all inlove and likes clothes with flames on them. She's willing to get FUCKED UP but doesn't HAVE TO to have a good time so there. She's smart and she's silly and I can talk to her about all sorts of stuff. And she's at a job that she LOVES. We've gone from acquaintences to friends over the past year or so, and I feel remarkably comfortable and at home around Tami. If I'm going someplace, and I'm nervous/bored about going, all I have to do is hear that Tami will be there, and bam, I'm okay.

Man. I wanted to say so much more, but it's not coming out right. It's just -- I don't know, I don't make new friends very often these days, you know? I'm very thankful for Tami Mahoney.

And also she used to get in trouble for reading when she was little, just like me. And she gets excited about things that she thinks are cool, and dislikes things loudly, too, which I'm always a fan of. Even if I disagree. And she sticks up for herself, she's not wishy-washy at all. Also she goes to the gym and is therefore STRONG. And she has common sense. And a wok.

In conclusion, here's a haiku.

In tall flaming sneaks
Not afraid to speak her mind
Tami likes Green Day.

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