Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Okay, real quick -- I've just been assigned a "rush job" which "has to be done by two" (I smell a lost lunch in there). It's to revise a REPORT for a project I HAVEN'T WORKED ON. A report. Give me some fucking drafting or some calculations or design, but what the fuck is up with these people putting me in charge of getting things completed where it would be a LOT EASIER AND FASTER if someone who was FAMILIAR with the fucking project was doing it. Jesus fuck. Or at least BRIEF me on the thing! Fuckers. Hopefully it'll help the day to pass, if I'm actually working. Fuckers.

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    Today is Thursday. Settlement on the sale of our house is Tuesday. I took the dog for a walk today, and I started to get a little emotional.

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