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When you say "no," she says, "why not?"

Preliminary review of the Elvis Costello concert: yo, I didn't realize this guy was going to rock. He fucking rocked the fuck out of that joint! He particularly rocked the fuck out of "15 Petals," is one that sticks in my mind. I've been listening to Elvis Costello for all of a week and a half, studying, for this show, and I knew like half the songs, it seemed like! Go me! And also Elvis! And he did an encore (that seemed almost as long as the set), and then he did another one, and then I think he was going to stop, but I was sending him mental signals about playing "Episode of Blonde", which I wanted so badly for him to play, and I'm pretty sure Jon was sending him mental signals to play "Lipstick Vogue," so he came back out to do a third encore to play those two songs, plus a third which I assume was called "I Want You." Man, thanks, Elvis! My night was made already, but then it was REALLY made!

And YO did the keyboard guy go nutz on that theramin. But seriously, you guys: Elvis rocked! He rocked so hard!!

Oh, okay, too more things I just remembered: he totally rocked out on "Pump It Up," too, and made "When I Was Cruel" a million-year long jam that did not, in my opinion, get old. Rock.
Tags: concert, elvis costello, music

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