Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

It's oh so hot out

OH -- oh -- oh -- ooh -- ah -- so hot, so hot, so very fucking christ almighty hot. Especially in my little hotbox of a car. So hot. Why do people LIVE here? This isn't even as bad as it can get. And this is New Jersey! Look at how far away from the equator we are! Who said something about wanting to work outside, away from the most wonderful invention in the world, the Air Conditioner? [Bless you, Air Conditioner Inventor.] I think it were me, but I take it back. Man. My keys were so hot (I leave my house keys in the car) I could barely pick them up.

I didn't go to the shore today, with Manning and Tami and Jon and Kate et. al.? Because I had this project that had to go out today? Now, I'm not saying I'm glad I didn't get to go? But this ridiculous heat sure takes some of the appeal out of it. But I hope they're having a great time.

Oh man. I think I want to move to San Diego. San Diego, right? Isn't that where the temperature is moderate all the damn time? Sounds lovely.

UPDATE: Look at those numbers! Such consistency!

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