Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

The Food Store

Aren't supermarkets supposed to be open 24 hours? They should be, right? Man, I was all stoked to do some major grocery shoppin' at quarter to one in the ay em, but Super G be closed, yo. That's okay. Because then I thought about carrying all those bags up my steps at quarter after one in the ay em, and that seemed unappealing. And then, I had intended on making brownies? Which in and of itself would possibly be fun at one thirty ay em? But then I thought about how they'd have to bake. And eff that. I'd probably fall asleep. And then they would burn.

So, tomorrow. For now, a few hits and off to bed. Man oh MAN were we at a fancy-pants, knock our socks off restaurant this evening. Everything about it was good, including our friendly, effusive, extremely cute, yet regretfully-gay waiter. I'm regretful that he's gay, I mean. I'm sure he's fine with it.

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