Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
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Get crunked up

On Saturday I went to a Fourth of July bash at The House. Hands down, this was the best party I have been to in a long, long time. There were all sorts of people there, and I got to talk to everyone I wanted. There was tons of good food, hot dogs and hamburgers and pasta salad and potato salad and chips and salsa. I brought brownies (everybody -- everydrunkenbody -- thought they were hash brownies but they WEREN'T) and rice krispie treats and Jell-O shots. I drank, but not too much. I smoked, but not too much. I was hit upon, which is always nice. There were no fights, and no one got sick (or if they did, they did so discreetly). No one got arrested. I played badminton, in which i hit a shuttlecock around. There were people there about whom I'm not crazy, but they were all safely contained within the Beer Pong Room, so I didn't have to interact with them. There were people there I didn't know, and that always helps to make it seem more like a party, and less like A Bunch Of Us Assholes All Hangin' Out, Again. I met some hippies, and learned some facts about marijuana illegality, but I was pretty high, so I don't really remember much of it. Kelly* brought out the video camera, and made people answer questions which had been written by myself, Mitchell, and then some by Kelly and Cass. It was a successful experiment, and captured some of Dave's magnificence. The questions will indeed be brought out again, next film-worthy gathering. Dave disappeared for a few hours, and we couldn't find him, but then he turned up again. And the next morning I went out to the diner for breakfast with Michelle and Dave and Jeff, and while it was slightly below par, it's still great to go out and get a diner breakfast the morning after a party.

So thanks a LOT, guys. Awesome. I feel productive when I've had a good a time as all that.
Tags: party, recap

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