Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

A moral dilemma

It's eleven-thirty. I've just cleaned my bong (recommendation: Orange Chronic. Works like magic). I worked three hours late at work tonight, and will have to get up and go in early tomorrow. I have not eaten dinner yet. I have consumed one (1) drink; I've been nursing it for three hours now.

Here's the dilemma. Do I head to bed, like a responsible adult? I have to wake up early tomorrow, and I HAVE to take a shower, because I never got around to taking one today. Or do I smoke out of my gorgeous sparkling clean (except for the inside inside of the slide, but it won't affect my smoke and I'll get it when my new shipment of Orange Chronic comes in) bong, make a new drink, work up an appetite to eat some of the cold leftover baked raviolii from the fridge, and . . . something? Watch Dave, or play SSX Tricky? Ah! The moral dilemma of our generation! It resonates across classes, cultures, and . . . other things. Maybe I'll remember the other things once I'm high.

This past weekend I played Traveling Bocce. And watched fireworks. I feared for the fingers of my good friends as they set off some of our own; all fingers survived.

I finished the second Dune book this afternoon. I plan on ripping through them one after another, so that I can notice and be even more bothered by all the things Herbert decided to change as he was writing. I almost like that he did that. One, he's a man. Though he may have had a vague understanding of where he wanted to go with things, I find it interesting that as he created this mythology, he discovered things he wanted to explore, and explored them, even if it meant contradicting things he had said before. I think that's more interesting than sticking with the canon just because -- this isn't a real world, it's a made-up one. It should be as flexible as one's imagination. Two, I imagine that really sticks in the craw of those damned geeks out there. It really must get their panties all in a bunch. I bet they try to explain it all away, too, when really, the truth is this: he's a man.

Dave's on. I'm going to go smoke now, but just a little bit. And maybe skip the ravioli, this tum of mine (despite Jon's assurances that it's fine) is starting to bother even me.

Oh, and if anyone tries to seriously discuss Dune with me in this public forum, I shall growl at him or her.

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