Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Two early-morning points.

1. I would like it to be noted for public record how EARLY it is that I am here at work. I'll be starting to actually work at seven. as opposed to stumbling in here around then and getting only a little bit of stuff done before the rest of the rabble gets here. As much as I hate getting up early -- and boy do I hate it -- I love being up early. Someday when you're older I'll tell you about the week I worked at the concrete shop in Wilmington, Delaware, and had to take a 3:50 train. Three. Fifty. Ay em. There were stars in the sky on my walk to the train station. It was lovely.

2. Dude, I almost ran over a freaking HAWK or OSPREY or some shit on the way here. He was just chillin' in the road! He didn't move, until the very last second! I didn't think to blow my horn, I don't know why not, but I swerved and he flew off. Dude! Chillin'! In the road! What the hell is he doing THAT for? Hawks and/or ospreys don't eat roadkill. Man, can you imagine if I killed a fucking OSPREY? Oh man. Eternal damnation FER SURE. A more noble creature than I, the hawk and/or osprey. I would be wracked with guilt. I hope he stays away from the road, there are more stupid drivers than I.
Tags: birds, hawk or osprey or some shit, work

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