Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

The smelly side of Civil Engineering

Here's how much I love being outside: I spent all morning sitting on the ground next to big open pits of poop. And I loved every goddamn second of it.

It's high seventies out today (they say it'll go up to 84). Enjoy it while it lasts, Jersey kiddies, because it's supposed to get hot again tomorrow. Just to give you some perspective: when it's hot? It's 80 degrees at 7 in the morning. Oh, that's right. And I've been there. And I know, I know, New Orleans and Arizona are hotter, but, you know. That's the SOUTH and shit.

But it's beautiful out today! The sky is so blue, and there are clouds, not enough to get in the way of the sun, just enough to make it look really, really cool. White and fluffy. Yum. And there was a breeze. Oh. Man. So good. I wish it were like this every goddamn day.

One of these days I'll stumble upon what my REAL job is supposed to be. I'm pretty sure it involves being outside, a huge pay rate, taking vacation whenever I want, and figuring stuff out. Let me know if you see it.

This weekend I'm going CAMPING! I've never gone camping before. Well, there was that one time when we rented a KOA cabin in Washington DC for the Tibetian Freedom Concert, and then didn't get tickets to the Tibetian Freedom Concert. But I'm pretty sure that was cheating. There was an air conditioner in the cabin. Man, but that was a fun weekend, rain or no rain.
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