Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Really, I just want to rule something with an IRON FIST.


Okay, remember yesterday, when I wrote about my job? Well, I don't know if you thought that was interesting or what, but I did, and so did Tami and the Slick Ninja, so, you know, you must have really bad taste, or something.

Ha! I kid, I kid.

So I decided to start my VERY FIRST EVER COMMUNITY. In it, you can tell all about the neat stuff you do at work. Like, I know that I for one am really interested in hearing about stuff at the Prince when Tami talks about it, or Viagra-related meetings that Manning talks about, or Kate's stripe -- I still have NO idea how she does what she does, etc. I've already reposted my poop story there, and I'll probably throw that tree-hugging one up there too, eventually.

Oh, my bad, it's called its_what_i_do.

So, you know. Should be fun!

OH and a I have like NO idea what to put in the interests. So even if you're not interested in joining, but you have some suggestions, by all means, throw them my way.

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