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Okay, so LAST Friday, I was supposed to have my Performance Review. I was a little nervous. But there was some super-important project that had to go out like there ALWAYS is, EVERY week, and the dudes in charge didn't have time. I was on vacation Monday and Tuesday, so it got pushed to Wednesday, but then I went out in the field that day. I'm sure you can guess where this is heading. Another super-important rush job this week meant no review yesterday, no review this morning, and then Norm took off so it's been pushed to Monday.

Maybe all the waiting is a good thing: at first I was all worried they'd yell at me for being too slow and fire me. I realize now that's ridiculous, and it'll be fine. This morning I dreamed that I got to work and Wojo handed me a sheet of paper with my review on it and said, "here, we kept not getting around to it, so Norm and I just decided to do the review for you on paper." And I actually was bothered that I didn't get a chance to discuss things in person! Amazing! I just want to get the damn thing OVER with, now.

Man, how many times can I say "amazing" in one day?
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