Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips


Hey Jon, you were in my dream this morning! Well, not actually you, per se, as I don't know what you look like (although dreams don't usually care about details like that); but your drawins were.

I dreamt that I had made some new girl friends, who were younger than me. I was sleeping over their place, and one of the girls was arguing with her mom about something in the next room, so I was bored and playing Super Nintendo. Have you ever played Yoshi's Island, or Tetris Attack on SNES? Well, in those games there are little monkies that eat fruit (in Yoshi's Island, you (as Yoshi) can eat the fruit too, and then spit out the seeds at the monkies and knock them off the vines). Anyhoo, I was playing a game that had the monkies in it. The monkies had some sort of virus, and if your character -- which was some sort of animal -- ate the fruit, it would burst in your stomach, all dark purple slimey, and like six monkies would be in your tummy, big teeth flashing, and eat you from the inside out. They kept showing that clip again and again. I remember thinking that it was pretty gruesome for an SNES game.

So as I was playing (actually, I think I was just watching the intro), I realized that YOU, Jon, had drawn the monkies for Nintendo. I recognized the style or something. Then I realized, hey, those characters were in the other two games, so he's been drawing stuff for Nintendo for quite some time! And I was very impressed. Then the intro began showing other characters in the game, and one of them was that octopus (#203) from Doc Homonocumonoculous, or whatever. He was a dark purple.

Then later I went into the bathroom to take a shower, and the toilet had been removed (this is the dream, still).

Then I woke up.

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