Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

I lost my shorts

When I was in Cape Cod I bought these shorts from the Orleans Army Navy store that freaking RULE. I love them. They fit me, and they're big, and have pockets. They're like capri pants in that they keep you warmer than pants, but cooler than shorts; yet they're not actually capri pants, which is nice.

I wore them a few times, then washed them. I wore them once after I washed them. The highlighter that I dropped on the crotch during the fantasy football draft didn't come out, but what the hell do I care? They're used army pants, they have sewed-up holes and shit.

I want to wear them while I make dinner tonight, but I can't find them. If anyone knows where they are, please send me some email. Thank you.

Still on the lookout for that dinner plate and parallel port cable, though I'm starting to believe Slick's theory on the dinner plate. I'm planning on confronting Dave tonight. If it wasn't him, I figure it was probably Manning.
Tags: inane

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