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Five touchdowns

Getting up in the morning is hard, it always has been. Getting up in the morning now that it's dark, still, is despairingable. Getting up when it's so chilly that I decide to warm up the car first . . . superdespairingable.*

I have to go to the grocery store tonight; among other things, my milk is expired, I have no tomato sauce (crucial for several easy-to-prepare, hot one-person dinners), and I'm out of toilet paper.

Holy cow, did you see that football last night? Well, first of all, the Eagles were a joy to watch, yet again. I'm sorry I had to miss them last week. They did another trick play again yesterday! A fake punt! I love those guys.

I tried to watch the four o'clock games; I had Amani Toomer playing, after all. I sat in the kitchen in front of the Tiny TV so that I could watch the game at the same time as Wiffle Ball, but after the first Wiffle Ball game and the first half, I decided to move to the couch in the living room. The new, luxurious, decadent couch. I napped with the soothing sounds of football in my ear. Ahhh. Nice.

And then that Sunday night game. Shaun Alexander is on my fantasy squad, he was my first-round pick, and he's been doing jack shit so far this season, despite his promise. Last night he scored five touchdowns in the first half. Five touchdowns. Man was it loud in the living room, it was like watching the Eagles again, we were all rooting for Seattle. Ahh, Seattle. And it was nice again there, apparently. And here I thought it was only nice when I was visiting.

He didn't do shit in the second half, though. Which didn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but they have a bye week next week, so Shaun, don't go forgetting everything you did in that first half, okay? I need you, buddy, I need you with me for the rest of the season. I'm now one and three, thank freaking goodness.

On Thursday I drove up to Michelle's house, to watch the NBC season premieres. Which sounds stupid, maybe? Yeah, well, fuck you. I miss Michelle, and watching Must See TV reminds me of sophomore and senior years, and it just ain't the same without Michelle. She's been having a run of bad luck lately, and it was good so good to see her. And she called Sunday but my cell phone was dead and that's such a fucking shame, I really should keep on top of that.

*Hey, if the President of the United States of America can say "embetterment", then I can make up new and exciting words, too.
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