Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Like a spider hugging an egg

There's this guy in my office who -- you know how some people, even if they're in their forties, are still pretty cool? Not this dude. He's a real dork. He's in his late forties, I'd say, and he's religious and a Republican, and he gave me shitty data entry work to do for a month by tricking my immediate superiors into thinking that I would be learning something. He's a nice enough guy, I guess, but I've always held that being nice is a crock of shit and doesn't count for nothin'. Hell, even I could be nice, if I really wanted to. Really.

Anyhow, today he came into the meeting for a second to explain something, and I noticed that he had his hairs cut. He's all buzzed now. And this seemed SO different, but I couldn't remember how he had his hair before, so I thought about it, HARD. And suddenly I remembered: he had had a comb-over! And now he doesn't! A grown Republican man, father of four, sporting a comb-over for God only knows how long, and he got rid of it! I was very impressed. It takes brutal honesty to realize that the hair spider isn't working, and balls to get rid of it and be bald. [I mean, he was bald the whole time, but if he was trying to deny it, then he probably didn't REALIZE he was bald.]

So props to him. He definitely jumped up a few rungs in my Ladder of Respect.

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