Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Fucking kids these days, I'll tell you what

Fuckers stole my radar detector on Friday. My good, sweet, wonderful, powerful, snazzy, best-friend-in-the-car radar detector, which was given to me for no good goddamn reason except KINDNESS by good, sweet, kind, generous Rhino.

After work on Friday I went up to my apartment, and I left my windows open a bit. Not all the way, just about four or five inches. Could someone get their arm in there? Of course. I knew that. I didn't know that someone would wrestle inside my car while it was sitting right outside my apartment. In fact I thought I was having TRUST ISSUES because I was having such problems allowing myself to leave my car in such an insecure state, sometimes.

Fucking hoodlums. Fucking kids. I'm going to try to hit with my car every single kid I see in my parking lot from now on, those little fuckers. Or I hope it was my psycho downstairs neighbor, and that she forgets, and leaves it visible in her car windshield, and I can go downstairs and yell at her. Ha. I bet she thinks I killed her dog. (I didn't).

I'm not actually that upset, though. Offended that I was robbed in my own apartment complex? LUXURY apartment complex (it says so right on the sign)? Yes. Likely to purchase another radar detector? No. But they left my cee deez (nutz). They left everything else. I never paid for the damn thing in the first place, it was a gift. So it could have been a lot worse.

Still though, man. Those fuckers.

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