Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

This morning I had every intention of getting to work by seven (I got here by seven-thirty, but with no shower; not too bad). When my alarm clock went off at five something, I awoke to the moon BLASTING into my room. Lighting the whole damn thing up. Like "Bombs Over Baghdad", that will never, ever, ever get old: the amount of illumination that a full moon produces. It casts shadows, sharp shadows. I guess I'd be less impressed if I lived a while ago, when we humans weren't so prolific at lighting things up. To see nature/science/God do it instead . . . amazing.

By the time I drove to work, the sun had risen somewhat. The sky was a pale pale blue with streaks of pink, and the moon was still out, WHITE, nay SILVER. This weren't no pale moon that you see in the day sometimes -- this was a silver moon, hanging in a pink sky. Life is good.
Tags: inane, life is good

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