Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Ten more minutes, just ten more minutes, just ten more minutes. . . ten more minutes and I go home and vote and get out of these awful, awful work clothes and head to The House to buy me an ounce of happiness in a plastic baggie, then head to The Manse to return someone's phone that he forgot at my house aGAIN (he hates phones, I'm pretty sure he does it on purpose) then back to My House to pay bills which will make me feel better because I think some are close to due, and then, man, Mario Sunshine until I can't Sunshine no more.

Ten more minutes.

I had a fantastic long vacation weekend this weekend, I'll tell you about it later (with maybe even accompanying photos!) I promise.

I still haven't finished all of my Seattle stories.

Eight more minutes.

OH also happy birthday, Neil Young! He's twenty-four today.

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