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Best Vacation Ever

Hey, so last weekend. Last weekend Jeff and Michelle and Dr. Kimberly Liss, PharmD and I went to Ocean City, Maryland. See, we were supposed to go up to Vermont to visit our friend Nick (we all went to college together, and were tight as all get-out, especially sophomore year). But Nick cancelled on us because he's just bought a house and "has no furniture" or some shit. We decided we were going to go on vacation anyway. So we picked Ocean City, Maryland. Kim and I had never been, and I think being at a shore town in a cold season is neat.

Friday night, Michelle and Jeff and I drove down to Kim's new condo in Abingdon, Maryland. It took us less than two hours. She and her boyfriend Keith have this AMAZING condo. It's three floors, and has a finished basement with a fireplace, and two bedrooms, and two bathrooms (the one in the basement is unfinished (no sink, just a bottle of Purell) and is "Moops' bathroom". Moops is their cat. He is named after the Seinfeld episode. His full name is Moopstipher). It is beautiful and new and clean and grown-up, just like Kimliss. Man, I really love Kimliss. We never call each other and never talk, but she's still one of my best girl friends and she's gorgeous and brilliant and quiet and laughs a lot. And Keith is the Cutest Boyfriend Ever. Seriously.

We got gourmet pizza and watched Trading Spaces and played 20th Anniversary Edition Trivial Pursuit. There were five us, and they made me be on a team all by myself. Bastards. We all fell asleep before the game was over, but if you divide the pie pieces by the number of players on each team, WHICH I THINK YOU SHOULD, then I won.

The next morning we woke up whenever we woke up. Oh hooray vacation, sweet sweet lazy vacation. We drove to OC, which took us less than three hours. We listened to Mitch Hedberg on the way. Seriously, this guy -- have you heard of him? No? I'll bet you have. Everybody has heard of this guy SEPARATELY. It's amazing. You talk to somebody, you're like, "there's this comedian, he talks a little weird and just does these . . . sort of one- and two-liners . . . " and then the person goes "I saw a guy like that once, does he have longish hair and talks like this: ____" and dude, that's the guy! Everybody knows him! But no one's heard of him from anyone else, everyone's found him on their own, kinda! I saw him on a couple talk shows, like Leno or something. And on the cd he did the thing about how P.S. this is what part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were missing or something, and Jon quoted that once! Apparently he tours the southwest a lot. Like Trading Spaces, and unlike the McDonald's breakfast menu, Mitch Hedberg is the universal . . . um . . . something. That everybody likes. He's the Universal Togetherinator.

So we checked into our hotel. The hotel looked real swank on the website, and turned out to be less swank, and more shady. Which I didn't mind even a LITTLE bit, though, because we were only there for two nights, and shady and cheapish is a lot more interesting than expensive and boring. And the place was clean and everything was fine, it was just a little old. The "atrium" in the center of the hotel had "exotic birds" in it, which meant parrots in cages. Bad for the parrots, perhaps, but entertaining for us. They had nameplates. One pair was Fred and Wilma. A blue macaw was named Wizar. I don't remember any of the other ones. Oh and there was a little fake stream, with HUGE koi in it. And a pool and two hot tubs and a sauna, but we didn't go in those.

We were right on the ocean, we had a gorgeous view from our balcony. I'll post some photos later so that you can see.

Wanna know what we did all weekend? Nothing. Not a damn thing. We went out to eat, that's it. It was great. We slept late, we started drinking early. Jeff and I smoked a lot. We watched football. We played Rummy. We ate a lot of crab, and man was it good. Maryland = crabs, I don't know if you guys all know that or not. Kim and I had "seafood skins" at this place called Seacrets that had sand on the floor -- scallops and shrimp and imperial sauce and melted cheese (and maybe bacon, I forget) on potato skins. OH MAN WERE THEY GOOD. We only ate one each, and brought them back to the room. I also had jerk chicken, and brought that back to the hotel too. The room had a kitchenette! A small refrigerator, a small oven, sink, microwave, and toaster. We also had crab toast, which is crab meat and imperial sauce and cheese on pizza dough. OH MAN. We finished THAT at the restaurant. My parents don't really eat seafood, which means that I never ate seafood as a kid, so I'm still new at it. But good seafood is GOOD, and I like it more every time I have some.

We also went to a place called Big Pecker's.

I like shore towns when it's not shorey weather. It's neat. We went on the beach and it was cold and we all had scarves. It was beautiful. I have such attractive friends. We went on the boardwalk at night, but none of the places on the boardwalk were open during the winter. We went to a bar called the Green Turtle and had amazing food again, mm, those wings. And more crab toast. And crab dip. Michelle played pool with strangers.

At Seacrets, they had a "nightclub" section where a band was "playing". The drummer totally, totally, wasn't drumming, and the video kept showing a closeup of him not drumming (he was too busy singing). The bass player ruled, though. He reminded me of this old guy on my work gang in Maryland, when I worked for Amtrak. Michelle ended up talking to this big, round man, who turned out to know her dad (apparently EVERYONE in Ocean City Maryland knows Michelle's dad). Old men at bars are always drawn to Michelle, which is amazing, because Michelle is perfectly content to talk to old guys, and most attractive twenty-something girls aren't. How do the old guys know? I spent an entire night during Spring Break hanging out with a bunch of golfers in their forties.

So that was our vacation. It was relaxing and unrushed and unplanned. It was beautiful. We drove home Monday around one and were back with plenty of evening left to relax before work on Tuesday. Most of all it was so good to hang out with Michelle and Kim and Jeff altogether again. I never see Kim, I see Michelle once or twice a month, and Jeff is pansier and quieter when he's only hanging out with girls, so I only see "him" once or twice a month, too. I'm just so amazingly comfortable with these people, even when Michelle was bitching about the hairdryer being broken. I love these guys, seriously. I can't wait to go up to Vermont, whenever we get around to doing that.
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