Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
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Turkey Day

I was excited about Thanksgiving before, hype to cook for my family, to have my grandparents see my apartment. Then on Sunday I was watching football and they mentioned the Thursday games and allofasudden it hit me BAM. See, at previous Thanksgivings, I never really hung out in the kitchen with my mom and grandma and great-aunt Florence; I'm usually in the living room watching football with my dad and grandpa and brother. And the sounds, man, the sounds of football, you know? I've only really been paying attention to football for three seasons now, but the sounds of football, man, that's Thanksgiving, you know? And eating mixed nuts, and those weird things my mom makes -- celery sticks with cream cheese in them, only the cream cheese has DATES in it, ew. Only the grown-ups eat those.

I went grocery shopping, and got everything I need to get, except for flowers and fresh bread, which I will get Thursday morning. I bought a new tablecloth and new dishes and new cloth napkins, I shouldn't have, I didn't need to, but I did. The plates are red and the napkins are olive green and the tablecloth is "natural" and it's going to look great. They're arriving at one and we're eating at three and if the turkey takes about four hours to cook, and I have to brine it for eight hours, then that means I have to put it in the brine at three in the morning? Amazing! I don't mind, I'll do it.

This is the first Wednesday-prior-to-Thanksgiving that won't be spent in the car on the way back home; but I don't think I'm going out, Biggest Bar Night Of The Year or no. I'm not from around here, and the Biggest Bar Night Of The Year is (so I hear) very much a high school reunion, but not MY high school, not around here. I may go to the bar with the people from work, right after work, but not too long, and then I'll head out. I'll stay home and smoke and vacuum and mop and tidy and play Mario and it will be wonderful. And then I'll get up at three in the morning to brine my turkey. So to speak.
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