Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Recombination, then Viacom

I spent the first semester of my Junior year of college in England. It was pretty cool, but English people really are as snobby as they say, and they don't really care for Americans, at least not me.

I have two things to talk about today about my time spent in England. Here is the first.

One time, I and three other people from my residence hall went to the grocery store, a Safeway (at the time, John Cleese was doing commercials for Safeway. This is irrelevant). I had gone through the whole store, but I had missed a few things, so I was doubling back. Two of the people I had come with -- I think the guy's name was Rob, and I forget the girl's name -- were coming the other way, so I said, "hey, I missed the bananas and the tuna, do you know where they are?"

Rob looks down at me disdainfully and says, "Well, the bah-NAH-nahs are in the front" (emphasizing the word so that I was certain to know that I was saying it incorrectly) "and by the way, it's CHOO-nah."

I look at him. "'Choona'?" I repeat.

He and the girl nod.

I think for a moment. "You mean, like, with a 'C-H' in the front?" I am skeptical.

Rob and the bitch furrow their respective brows, look at each other, then turn back to me, nodding. "Yes, I guess it is. Choona. Like the Choob." They meant the subway in London.

I'd been here for two months already, so I'd learned long ago that I was never, ever going to win. "Okay. Well, I'm going to go find the choona." Inside, I was rolling my eyes.

Damn limeys.

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