Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

Dude. I . . . I filled out a survey. I can't believe I filled out a survey. But it was so staight-foward, and typo-free . . . I'm still embarassed. But here it is nonetheless.

b a s i c s .
1x sex: girl
2x birthday: February 26, 1978
3x sign: Pisces
4x siblings: Sean, age 19
5x hair color: auburn?
6x eye color: blue
7x shoe size/height: 8.5 /5'7.75"
8x who are your best friends?: Mitch, Michelle, me

- f a s h i o n . s t u f f .
1x where is your favorite place to shop?: Express
2x any tattoos or piercings?: tongue

- e x t r a . s t u f f.
1x do you do drugs: yes
2x what kind of shampoo do you use: varies. currently color-viv.
3x what are you most scared of: spiders
4x what are you listening to right now: football
5x what vehicle do you wish to have?: 1964 Dodge Dart
6x who is the last person that called you: Mitch
7x where do you want to get married: my grandparents' church
8x how many messenger buddies do you have on right now: none
9x if you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?: my moodiness or my laziness.

- f a v o r i t e s.
1x color: purple
2x food: lasagna
3x boy names: Isoceles, Michael
4x girl names: Ghanima, twins: Celia & Alice (clever!)
5x subject in school: calculus
6x sport: football

-h a v e . y o u . e v e r . . .
1x given anyone a bath: no
2x smoked: yes
3x bungee jumped: no
4x broken the law: yes
5x made yourself throw-up: yes. because i had been drinking too much.
6x went skinny dipping?: yes
7x been in love: yes
8x made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: no

- w h a t . c o m e s . t o . m i n d . . .
1x red: barn
2x cow: bell
3x socks: comfort
4x greenland: iceland

- b o d y .
1x what do you most like about your body?: i have soft skin
2x and least?: my gut
3x how many fillings do you have?: um two or four? or something
4x do you think you're good looking?: to some people.
5x do other people often tell you that you're good looking?: not often, i don't think. but enough.
6x do you look like any celebrities?: Julia Stiles. The girl in Pump Up the Volume. Circa-MSCL Claire Danes.

- f r i e n d s .
1x do your friends 'know' you?: sure
2x what do they tend to be like?: funny, smart.
3x are there traits in you that are universally liked?: um "universally"? maybe . . . i'm funny?
4x how many people do you tell everything to?: nobody.

- m u s i c , t v , f i l m & b o o k s .
1x favorite band ever?: soul coughing
2x most listened to bands: They Might Be Giants
3x do you find any musicians good-looking?: it would take all day. John & John is a start.
4x can you play an instrument?: not really. i used to be passable on the French horn
5x type of music listen to?: anything. like poppy stuff, but not popular music. hip hop and electronica lately.

- g e n e r a l . q u e s t i o n s .:
1x who is the smartest man alive at the moment?: stephen hawking?
2x what do you prefer, a sunny or rainy day?: sunny
3x do you consider yourself lucky?: very.
4x do you feel pity for people who commit suicide?: not usually
5x choose one word to describe how you feel most often: content

- f i n a l . q u e s t i o n s .
1x do you like filling these out?: i almost never do. don't know why i did this one.
2x gold or silver: silver
3x what is the last film you saw at the movies: 8 Mile
4x favorite cartoon character: Ben Katz
5x what do you have for breakfast in the morning: tea
6x who would you love being locked in a room with: someone funny and interesting to talk to. Steve Martin, maybe? He might be too shy. John Flansburgh? Dave Mitchell?

survey copied from ranai's journal.

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