Hot Dips (littlewashu) wrote,
Hot Dips

My parents got me a big TV for Christmas, and yesterday they drove it down to my place. It's much bigger than my old one! I would never have bought myself a bigger TV, not until I moved, I don't think, so hooray. My friends will be pleased. I can't wait to play video games on it.

I made shake-n-bake chicken and wild rice and steamed veggies.

My grandparents gave me some cash for Christmas. At first I thought I'd get myself a very nice digital camera with it. But if I didn't do that, I could get SEVERAL things with it. Like a few video games, and a radar detector, and a cheap DVDer. Or I could use the money to go see the dentist and the eye doctor, I'm WAY overdue on both. Man, not nearly as fun, but you know? I need to go.

I wish I could sleep more.

Wojo is back. Work isn't nearly as bearable when there's actual work to be done.

I have so many things to accomplish before this weekend. I don't know if I'll make it. Man, I want to go to that slutty-dress store in South Street but that would require going in to Philly and I'm so not thrilled about losing HOURS of potentially productive time just in transit, especially if I don't end up getting anything there. Bah.

My mom got me this body-spray from Bath & Body Works, it's ginger and tea or some shit, and man do I smell good.

I should be working.

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