April 5th, 2001

mr. robin

The next car I buy will DEFINITELY be a convertible

Man, yesterday was gorgeous. What a shame that I missed most of it, rotting in this office. But the drive home was lovely. I had the windows down and the sun roof open and my purple shades on. I listen to music or to news radio about 98% of the time I'm in my car, but yesterday I kept the radio off. It's nice driving in silence sometimes. I drive a little Japanese car, so the engine was reeeeaaal quiet. I didn't sing to myself and I didn't even think real hard about anything; I just listened to the air rushing through the window, and my tires on the road. It's good to be alive.
mr. robin


I think that, for me, in order for something to be gross, it has to be mushy. Not ALL mushy things are gross, but all gross things are mushy. And wet, too, I think. At least moist. Heck, I find that even the word moist makes me a bit uncomfortable. Also "mealy".

Except bugs. Bugs are gross, but not mushy until you mush them. Rather, they're crackly.