April 24th, 2001

mr. robin

Stick Figure Theater Presents . . .

My good friend Dave Park (not the crazy Dave) advised me some time ago to visit Exploding Dog, but I didn't go right away and then forgot about it. Yesterday, in a futile attempt to clean out my Inbox a little, I stumbled across it again and finally went. It's quite something. You should go too. It's no Homestar Runner, but hey, we can't all be Homestar Runner. And coincidentally, I visited it on the same day that Calamity Jon posted a link to a sweet fighting scene that is, visually, somewhat related.
mr. robin

Ah, the sweet chemical-ly smell of chlorine

Yesterday I went for a walk around the neighborhoods near where I live. (I don't live in a neighborhood, unfortunately. I live in an apartment complex). While I was walking, I caught a glimpse of chain-link fencing in back of some of the houses. Now, if you had said to me, "Hey, Keritha, what does chain-link fencing in a back yard remind you of?" I would have replied, "I dunno". But as soon as I saw the fence, a lightning-quick visual association was made, and a word popped into my head: "pools!" And indeed, that's what those particular fences were indicators of. Pools. Above-ground, mostly. Hooray for their owners and the little kids who will get to play in them. Hooray for summer.