May 22nd, 2001

mr. robin

Ooh la la

You know when you read a book, and you have your own idea of what the characters in said book look and sound like, and then you see the film version of the book, and it gets a lot harder to remember what YOUR version of everything was like? Overshadowed as everything is by the Hollywood version? Well, last night I met Mr. Scarecrow in real life, and that didn't happen at all. Today I look at his icon of the upper half of his face, and I imagine the same old guy I always did, not the freakishly tall dude I met last night. His voice is still the same in my head, which means that it does not, in fact, have a slightly Southern lilt. And he's not so tall. And . . . well, I guess that was about it for my mental picture (I don't have a very good imagination).

The point of this is . . . nothing. I just wanted to mention that I met Mr. Scarecrow and the Slick Ninja last night. And forgot to ask the latter WHO she had to sleep with (excuse me, I mean "with WHOM she had to sleep") to get her very own personal Hello from Homestar. And also I met schtune, and got to see the returned Manning, who was wearing a beret and had a little red scarf tied around his neck. He had this baguette that he carried around ALL NIGHT, and he kept gesturing with it, and hitting people on the head if they weren't paying enough attention.
mr. robin


Boy, am I tired today. I fell asleep a few times on the way in to work, which was dangerous, because I was driving. And just now I almost fell asleep in the bathroom. I've done that before, actually: fallen asleep in the bathroom at work. Not sure for how long. I also once fell asleep in a movie theater during Star Wars, when they rereleased it a few years back. During (swear to God) (I mean word is bond) the scene at the end with the X-wings and the womp rats and whatnot. I even had a little dream.