June 5th, 2001

mr. robin

The voices in my head

Does anyone else do this? When I wake up -- or, rather, am trying to wake up -- I have to actually bargain with myself in order to get out of bed. I have to promise myself that I will take a nap when I get home from work. That's the only way I will allow myself to rouse myself from sleep. And then, for the next few hours, all I can think about is the lovely sleep I'll get to have when I get home.

But usually, I don't take a nap. Not until after it's dark, anyway: there is so much sunlight that I miss, that shines while I'm in my stupid building at work, that it seems a crime to sleep while the sun is still out. So I sit on my balcony and read until it gets too chilly. Then sometimes I'll take a nap, but naps taken that late have a tendency to run long and then be counter productive.

So I usually don't take the nap that I promise myself in the morning. Stupid me. You'd think I'd have caught on by now. It's a good thing, though, because I don't think I'd still be employed if I slept as much as I want to.
mr. robin

(no subject)

I had this entry up for a little while earlier today, but then I was uncertain of how it would be taken, so I took it down, but after what Hal said, what the hell, here it is again:

It's funny -- not haha funny, but more wistful funny -- but if you go here, it looks like me and Jeff still hang out.