June 13th, 2001

mr. robin

Safety Rule of the Day

7013 - DO NOT drag electric or telephone cords over sharp edges. DO NOT pull on cord portion of electric cord to release it from the outlet. DO NOT insert any object into an elecrical outet other than the properly designed electric plug. DO NOT remove the ground wire or grounding plug from any electric plug or wire. DO NOT overload electrical outlets by putting plug extenders into outlets.
mr. robin

The word on the street

I work on the fourth floor. The most important people in the building happen to work on the fourth floor. Like, the North East Corridor president-type guy has his office just down the aisle from me. He's the second most important guy in the company, and it's a pretty gimongous company. As a result of working on such an important floor, there is little to no horseplay. Or gossip.

But my friends work on the third floor. I worked there for a month. It was a lot more fun. People talked over their cubicles all the time. And I was near these two guys, but I was very quiet, and they would always forget I was there. And they would say something that could be interpreted as dirty -- like something about a "nice rack" -- and I would pipe up and say "I heard that!" But they always insisted that the intended meaning was innocent, like they were talking about a new stereo system or something, and that I just have a dirty mind. People tend to say that about me sometimes.

So anyway, my friends on the third floor tell me that the latest gossip is that there is going to be a round of layoffs in Management. And that the bottom fifteen percent of Management is GONE. And that "bottom" means rank, not performance.

Man. If that happens, I hope they lay me off. Because I'm leavin' anyway eventually, and that way I could collect unemployment until I found a new job. And really, if they do go through with some heavy layoffs and I'm not one of them, I'll feel bad when I leave. Because someone else who needed their job more could have stayed.

Then again, when I was working on the third floor, the gossip was that they might not be able to make payroll, and they would take some money out of our paychecks and we'd get it back the next pay period, or something. That never happened, though. Maybe the third floor people are just a bunch of dummies.
mr. robin

Every 97th ICQ chat request, I decide to humour them

Helloooooo long boring IM conversation that you don't really want to read.

It is posted because of the almost-to-last thing this guy said. I don't know if he did it on purpose, but it's right up Manning and Jon's alleys. I probably didn't have to post the whole conversation, but I'm under the impression that almost everything I say is interesting to most people. So without further ado, I bring you:


*I'm assuming; he is looking for random ICQ chat, after all.

84667412: hi
Consuela: hello
Consuela: you live in britain?
Darren: yes that's right. where are you from?
Consuela: new jersey
Consuela: it's right near new york
Consuela: where do you live?
Darren: I have been there on holiday. :)
Consuela: i have been THERE on holiday
Consuela: actually, i spent a term at reading u
Darren: I live in Wilstshire.... about 90miles from London
Darren: Wow. Reading is real near me! :)
Darren: So what did you study?
Consuela: engineering
Darren: Cool!
Darren: May I ask what you look like?
Darren: still there?
Consuela: yeah, sorry, i am doing other things, you know
Consuela: ah . . 5'8"
Consuela: i don't know what that is in metres.
Consuela: 125 lbs
Consuela: i don't know what that is in kgs
Consuela: blue eyes
Darren: Hahaha. that's ok :)
Consuela: i'm pretty sure that's the same thing
Consuela: red hair
Darren: I have long brown hair, deep blue eyes, 5'4" and about 10stone
Consuela: i'm sorry, i have to go get my laundry and then get ready to watch the NBA finals
Darren: Ooh ok ;(
Consuela: say "go sixers!" for me
Consuela: c'mon! it'll give them luck to have an english fan!
Darren: Good luck........!!!!!! "who is playing?"
Consuela: the l.a. lakers and the philadelphia 76ers
Consuela: the 76ers are the good guys, and the lakers are the bad guys
Consuela: they're all flashy and famous and from la
Consuela: but the sixers have HEART!
Darren: Good luck 79ers!!!11
Consuela: kay, maybe i'll talk to you later
Consuela: (close enough)
Darren: hehehe ok :)