August 10th, 2001

mr. robin


I am REALLY bored this morning. Boviously I'm usually really bored here, but today I'm bored to the MAX. LJ is slow, the SNUP BBS is pretty dead, there probably won't be a new Whitewash for a while . . . I was going to go downstairs and get a bagel just to have something to do, I'm not even hungry (!).

But I do have one thing (well, two, but I'll only talk about the one) that I should be doing. You know what that thing is? Studying. I have to take an Engineer-In-Training exam in October and unless my excellent stantardized-test-taking skills save my ass once again, I may very well fail it, because it's not that easy and I didn't even study when I was in school, so it's going to take a whole lot of self-ass-kicking to make me study for this one.
mr. robin


You guys probably didn't believe me about the aye-aye lemur (I was spelling it wrong; my bad), so here he is. And this little guy doesn't look NEARLY as ugly as some of his brethren. The aye-aye lemur is honestly the ugliest living thing I have ever seen, and although I haven't seen every living thing yet, I am doubtful that an uglier one exists. AND, this part I forgot (I was rather lifted when I was watching the John Cleese nature program), one of the things that make them REALLY freak-ay is that they have one loooooong finger, which they stick into holes in trees so that bugs will crawl on them and then they take their finger out and eat the bugs off. Ewwww! All of their fingers are long and black and sharp and incredibly creepy-looking. They freaked the living shit out of me, even more than Mister Bojangles does. And that's a lot.
mr. robin

No need for surveys!

So I took the Tenchi Muyo! Character Selector test, and of course it came out as Washu. But do you know who was second? Fucking Mihoshi! That's fucking bullshit. And then Ryo-Ohki, which is . . . all right, I guess, but then Aeka before Ryoko, which is bullshit as well.

No one will know what the fuck I'm talking about except Jeff, but, you know, whatever.

And normally it drives me bonkers -- or drives me bored, at least -- when people post survey results as journal entries, but this one's short and I'm putting it here for MY future reference, so suckadick:

1 Washu
2 Mihoshi
3 Ryo-Ohki
4 Aeka
5 Ryoko
6 Sasami/Tsunami
7 Tenchi
8 Yosho/Katsuhito
9 Nobuyuki
10 Azusa
11 Azaka & Kamidake
12 Kagato

Jeff -- who the fuck is Azusa? And that person of whom you requested naked pictures?