November 20th, 2001

mr. robin


You know what? I miss riding on trains. I miss waiting for them at Wilmington Station. I miss sleeping on trains, for which I did not have to purchase a ticket. On company time, the sleeping was. In comfy seats, the sleeping.

I miss working with my gang, too.

Mostly I miss the sleeping.

I'm tired.
mr. robin

El Jay Nostalgia

You know what's fun? Going back and reading my very first journal entries on this thing. I made a lot more typos than I thought I had. And I have comments from Mister ScareCrow when he was simply the enigmatic, no-lj-havin' "m_s", and from no-lj-havin' Ill when he was LESS enigmatic and signed his own name. But back in the day, good ol' Manning was the only one who really commented with any frequency. What a sweet guy.

And also: dude, my job SUCKED! What a good idea I had, to quit!