January 7th, 2002

mr. robin

Confidential to M. Doughty

Drunkenness is a handheld scrambling down Delancy . . . unfortunately, Friends, it seems that (unlike previously), the text messages I receive through LiveJournal come simply from "lj@livejournal.com", and do not include the sender's username.

So I thank the sender for the poetic message, and ask that s/he, if so desired, reveal themselves to me. Heck, if not, that's okay too. Receiving a text message is more fun than not, anonymous or no.
mr. robin

eat this, britney

This weekend I had a dream wherein I was at a Tibetian monastary, and all of the members of N*SYNC were there, and Justin Timberlake and I TOTALLY hit it off and he really liked me. I know, I know, N*SYNC is for fourteen year old girls, brah brah brah, but Justin (now that he cut off his curls) is TOTALLY hot, and he likes me and NOT you, so there.