January 8th, 2002

mr. robin


Yo, I just got a set of plans from someone at another firm, and the guy's last name is Kaluhiokalani! That's so cool! And must be a constant source of consternation for him! He seemed like a really nice guy over the phone. I wonder what kind of name it is . . . Hawaiian, do you think?

Also, if comments were working at ALL today, I'd request Funky Kol Madena from the Ill Scientist next. Or however you spell it. But they ain't.

UPDATE: Wow, it's just "Funky Cold Medina"! I didn't know that. Eh, I was young. What did I know.
mr. robin


Dude, I haven't been getting comment notifications all day. Which probably means that I'm going to get to work tomorrow morning and be like, "Twenty new messages! Sweet!" and then be somewhat disappointed.