February 12th, 2002

mr. robin

My tea is too hot to drink.

I was running late today because I fell asleep after my shower like I always do because it's so nice to be clean and naked and tired and I slip under the covers in my huge pink terrycloth bathrobe just for three minutes, just three minutes but of course ten minutes later I force myself up so I was running late and I still had time to iron my shirt and use my curling iron and apply make-up including lipstick because apparently I'm a "grown-up" now who actually cares about her appearance but my tea got started real late and the milk is bad so I had to use shitty powder creamer kept in the top cabinet for just such emergencies and it doesn't cool off the tea like milk does so it's still very, very hot and I can't even drink it even though I want to, it's so hot.
mr. robin

The Meaning of Life: A Poll

Boviously you can say whatever you want, but I'm sort of looking for a serious answer here:

Poll #19121 The Meaning of Life

Okay, so you probably aren't certain, but if you had to choose: what is the meaning of life? What is the point?

To be happy
To do good
To understand

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