February 26th, 2002

mr. robin


Hello Everyone! Happy Birthday to me!

Thank you all for your well wishes and poems. I would go and thank you all individually, but that might get boring to read after a while. So thank you! I appreciate every word.

Sorry I didn't say anything earlier, but I was outside stocking up on ticks. HA! This was not my actual goal, but it is what ended up happening. I wandered around four acres of pseudo woods looking for trees of a diameter greater than 14 inches. Then I tied a ribbon around it and marked it on a map. It was harder and less fun than I thought it was going to be, but it was still easy and fun. I was outside ALL DAY LONG and ALL BY MYSELF in the bee-yoo-tiful sixty-four degree weather. What a fabulous birthday present. I would have gone crazy sitting in this goddamned office all day on my birthday, probably. This is my favorite day of the year.

My friend Ruth at the office bought me a plastic tiara that says "Happy Birthday" on it. Fantastic. One can never have too
many tiaras.

I'm tired and smelly and paranoid that I missed a tick or two, so I want to go home. But I only have forty more minutes, and then home I go, and then dinner! And further celebrations this Friday, I'm sure.

That's possibly all for now. Thanks again, internet friends!

OH: I forgot to mention how it is UNSEASONABLY WARM yet again on my birthday. Sure, it's been unseasonably warm all season, but this is warm even compared to the rest of the winter. Six out of the last seven years. God still loves me. Phew.
mr. robin

Wine, et cetera update

Oh, hey, so I wanted to let you know about what I did last night.

I tried sitting in the papa-san chair, but it made my neck hurt. I tried drinking some wine, but it made my tummy woozy because I hadn't had any lunch. And I tried watching the Sixers, but they were losing. So instead I laid down on my couch and read my book and drank nothing, and it was a lovely evening.

UPDATE: Oh man, that link up there is TOTALLY not the right link! Now that things are clustered, the "copy link to clipboard" thing on the client doesn't work right. Ha. That's okay, I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about. Go Brad!
mr. robin

I am a genius on my birthday

OH MY GOD I have to write a big important famous novel now so that I can use the following sentence that I just composed whilst showering (I do my best work in the patent clerk) (I mean shower):

Foresight being fifty-fifty, I figured my odds were even and took the chance.