March 22nd, 2002

mr. robin

My adventures

Man. Boy am I an idiot. A hungover idiot. But I made it to work on time!

Get this, yo. Yesterday I get home from work, fix myself a drink. Then somehow I find myself in my bedroom and somehow I fall asleep. I wake up at around quarter to eight, and I awaken from this big important dream, with various cameo appearances by LiveJournal characters that has themes that are actually present in my life right now. As opposed to boy bands. So I lay there for a while, not moving, trying to remember everything about it. Finally I leap up and go straight to the computer, to get it all down in the LJ client. I'm not worried about spelling or typos (humorous or otherwise) or anything, just getting everything down before I forget.

I pretty much have the dream down and am starting to get into some analysis when I get an instant message, coincidentally enough, from one of the people in the dream. I stop writing to talk to him, one thing leads to another, and suddenly it's two-thirty and I'm fucking toasted.

So this morning I wake up and rush to my computer to make sure I've saved the journal entry. I could have done this in four ways:

1. Kept the client open;
2. Saved it as a Draft in the client;
3. Posted it as a Private entry, to be fixed up today while at work, or
4. Copy and pasted the text into a Notepad file.

I was kind of thinking I had done the fouth thing, or possibly maybe the third, but I wasn't sure.

All programs were closed on my computer, except a Notepad file. I unminimize it eagerly and read: "I really like the new Eclipse commercial with the girl dancing." Wow. Fucking brilliant, Washu. Christ.

So yeah, the thing's gone. Luckily, by writing down the dream, I think I remember all of it. But the desire is no longer in me to record it. The post was orginally a little personal, I started getting into my relationship with my parents for Pete's sake, and What I Want To Do With My Life, etc, because it was right after this very Important (as I said) dream, and now I am more hesitant about sharing all that. Plus no one likes to read other people's dreams. So we'll see how bored I get at work today, maybe I'll bang it out at some point.

But seriously. Didn't even drink water or take anything before I went to bed last night. The last part of the evening is a blur. Thank goodness it's Bagel Day today; I wish they would get here already.

They'd better not send me outside today, it's cold.
mr. robin

(no subject)

So the Ill Scientist is like my second-oldest friend. We met at nerd camp, and I love him to death. He's one of my closest friends, and we don't have a weird sexual history, which is is always a plus (and hell, a surprise). Even if we haven't seen each other in ages, when we get together, they're'll be like fifteen - twenty minutes of tentative awkwardness, and then bam, right back again to being awesome.

He's always made me feel old, every since I was sixteen and he was fifteen. Today is his birthday. He turns 23, which is an important year, you know, law of fives and all. I think 23 was my longest year so far.

So good luck with that, Ill. Happy Birthday.
mr. robin

(no subject)

Aw man, they're sending me out to do more trees. It's cold out there! It snowed last night! I think I'll stop home and put on my underjohns. I hate to be cold.
mr. robin

(no subject)

Oh man the dishwasher's running and I hear things clanking around in there that maybe shouldn't be.

I don't use the dishwasher often. I don't trust it.