May 17th, 2002

mr. robin

Woe to Bagel Day

Oh man, bagels today were from Dunkin Donuts and usually I don't eat both halves but today I did I don't know why and it's sitting so heavy in my belly like a rock, a heavy mushy rock and ugh it's awful and woe to Bagel Day!

I know this isn't interesting to read but I don't care because maybe if I talk about it it'll go away? Aaaaeeeerrrrrggghghghghgh. Bleh.
mr. robin


It seems like I'm cleaning out my mouse almost weekly. That's bullshit, right? Is my office abnormally dusty? Is my mousepad inferior?

I have an OPTICAL mouse at home, so I don't remember how to deal with this stuff.
mr. robin

Light Emitting Diode

I like LED's. I like how bright they are, and I like that they're called Light Emitting Diodes. Every time I see an LED, I think, that's an LED, and that stands for "Light Emitting Diode." I don't know how they work. I don't think I want to know. So don't tell me. Unless it's a really cool explanation that you think I might enjoy. Otherwise, I'll just think they're magic. But no, not really, because I like the fact that someone figured out how to make them. I think it's great they're so bright, at a specific color. Sometimes the things that people come up with make me happy.
mr. robin


Okay, so here's something silly that I think -- you didn't know I had a silly side, did you? I think that when you tell someone to have a nice day, you're actually increasing their chances of having a nice day. So I figure that this means that cashiers and the like have lots of nice days; because every time one of them wishes me a nice day, bam, I hit 'em right back.
mr. robin

(no subject)

Man, Jon hasn't posted anything ALL DAY today! Ha, I bet that loser went to see Star Wars again today. He's like George Lucas' number one fan and butt buddy, that guy.