July 5th, 2002

mr. robin

July 5th

Man, isn't it weird to be at work today? I smoked and drank and stayed up late on Wednesday, because there wasn't any work Thursday. Then yesterday I did the same thing, because it was a holiday. Well, I didn't stay up too late. Now today I'm at work, but I get to smoke and drink and stay up late tonight, and then tomorrow I'm going to a wedding celebration so I'll be up late drinking then, and then the next day is Sunday, so I'll be smoking and drinking all day THEN! Man! How am I supposed to survive?

There's nobody here today. It's great, it feels like I'm in on a Saturday. Only I'll have to stay all day, and my boss is here. Ah well. Close enough.
mr. robin

The lobster story

On Monday June 24th, which is a while ago now, we went to Morimoto. "We" being myself, Jon, Kate, Manning, and Tami; and "Morimoto" being the best damn restaurant in Philly. The chef is Masaharu Morimoto, one of the original Iron Chefs. It's a Stephen Starr restaurant. Stephen Starr is this Philadelphian restauranteur who comes up with all these amazingly expensive and interesting restaurants. I'd never been to one before.

But no really, Morimoto, which just opened about six months ago (last summer, when I was unemployed? And thinking about maybe getting a job as a bartender somewhere? They had ads in the classifieds about needing servers and bartenders and whatnot for the new Morimoto restaurant, but it seemed a little out of my league. It is), is considered by many to be the best restaurant in Philly at the present time, in competition with Le Bec-Fin. So there were a lot of amazing things about Morimoto. Everything about Morimoto was amazing, nothing was regular. It would take me forever to tell you everything, so I'll tell you about just two things:

1. Our chopsticks rested on little smooth stones.

2. The lobster.

Tami ordered lobster sashimi for the whole table, to be brought out as an appemetizer. Our waiter was named Tyler, and he was the cutest damn thing you ever saw, gorgeous, with glasses -- mmm -- and SO excited about the food, SO animated, and therefore assumed to be SO gay. Which is fine. Tyler warns us that the lobster may still be moving when it's brought out -- he says that that puts some people off, but man, our eyes just got all real wide and we said "Okay!!" Jon said something about being 71% goth.

So the lobster comes out. He's served in an ice bucket, and he's been torn in half, and his head is sticking up out of the ice right next to his tail. His claws have been ripped off as well. His meat is served "out of shell" in a little pile in front of his face. Ah! The cruelty! He was set upon our table, and we all leaned in. And he was moving! He was! His whole lobster was sitting out there on the ice in front of him, but there he went, waving his antennae around! Waving around those little cuved hands under his nose! Manning poked him with a fork. He was moving! How exciting.

We ate the bastard. Right in front of him. The lobster, I mean, not Manning. He sat there in the ice with his buggy lobster eyes, and we ate him, and MAN was he GOOD. YUM. There were three sauces, I liked the jalapeno best.

Then, after we were done, after he was IN our BELLIES, he started moving again! REALLY moving! He moved his arms around, and pushed against the ice, and even pushed his body up a little! He moved his little arms around! He was so upset! We had eaten him, right in front of him! How disheartening is THAT! We all yelled a lot, and then eventually he stopped, and Tyler came to take the carcass away. Ha. Lobsters. It's okay though, they don't even have brains, they have ganglia or some shit. And MAN was he GOOOD.

PS. Okay I won't talk about any more the cool "stuff" about Morimoto, but man oh man was all the food GOOD. ALL. The FOOD. Was GOOD. I got a steak because I've only had sushi once before, and I was afraid I wouldn't like enough of the stuff, and the point was not to be able to say "ooh look at me, I ate sushi at Morimoto," the point was to have a delicious exquisite meal. Which I did. And then again days later (hooray leftovers!). But I tried some of the sushi, and holy crap was it good, and next time I go -- and I'm going again, I've already made reservations! -- I'm gettin' the chef's selection. Boo yah. You are a genius, Chef Morimoto.
mr. robin

Separate checks, it must be. Charge the split to her, the water to me.

All right, now I'm getting a little perturbed.

Remember Ruth, the girl at work? Well, she's throwing a birthday party for that guy Dave tonight, and "asked" me to come. I say "asked" because she is the queen of the "you'd better come or I'll kill you!" ha ha just kidding only not really schtick. Which -- yeah. I mean, she's all right. We talk at work. I use a TOTALLY different personality from the one I use with my friends, but that's okay, because if I didn't, no one would talk to me at work. Because I wouldn't talk to them. ANYWAY, so she's having this party tonight, fine, I said I'd go. I plan on strolling in at around seven, having a drink or two, and strolling right back out so that I can go hang out with my real friends.

Now, it's not like we're best buddies. We talk at work. Every once in a blue moon we'll get lunch. Sometimes on Friday's I'll go the bar they go to, and we have a good time for an hour or so, before I leave to hang out with my real friends. When she got divorced, I went out with her to celebrate. But that's about it. We don't call each other, we've never hung out outside of work besides those isolated times.

NOW she is e/popping me asking her to "help" pick stuff up for the party. WTF? Why did you not do this earllier? Why do you need help to do this? Why can't you ask one of your actual real-life friends? Why is it my resposibility to SHOP for you? Bringing a bottle of something is a LOT different from helping to pick stuff up for you. This is not my party! She says "do you want to food shop or liquor shop?" WTF? I picked liquor because the store is smaller, and who knows how many things she'll have me running around to get at the grocery store. Now she says "we need Coors Light, a bottle of Arbour Mist, and I will find out what else." First of all, blech. Second of all, grr. She hasn't mentioned money yet. She'd sure as fuck better not be expecting me to pay for this. I don't think she would, but she hasn't mentioned it yet! Worst thing is, I'm such a pussy, *I* might not mention it! No, I will, I will. Because I know you'll all yell at me otherwise.

See, here we go again with the issue of me being selfish. But thing is, if it were one of YOU? Then I'd help! I'd love to help! But Ruth and I are WORK FRIENDS. Man. Eff this polite shit. I feel like I'm putting myself out to even attend this shindig, let alone to stock it. I should start acting like a bitch so that no one wants to hang out with me. I mean I never plan on asking THESE people for anything, so I wouldn't be losing out. But of course I won't do that.

mr. robin

Get crunked up

On Saturday I went to a Fourth of July bash at The House. Hands down, this was the best party I have been to in a long, long time. There were all sorts of people there, and I got to talk to everyone I wanted. There was tons of good food, hot dogs and hamburgers and pasta salad and potato salad and chips and salsa. I brought brownies (everybody -- everydrunkenbody -- thought they were hash brownies but they WEREN'T) and rice krispie treats and Jell-O shots. I drank, but not too much. I smoked, but not too much. I was hit upon, which is always nice. There were no fights, and no one got sick (or if they did, they did so discreetly). No one got arrested. I played badminton, in which i hit a shuttlecock around. There were people there about whom I'm not crazy, but they were all safely contained within the Beer Pong Room, so I didn't have to interact with them. There were people there I didn't know, and that always helps to make it seem more like a party, and less like A Bunch Of Us Assholes All Hangin' Out, Again. I met some hippies, and learned some facts about marijuana illegality, but I was pretty high, so I don't really remember much of it. Kelly* brought out the video camera, and made people answer questions which had been written by myself, Mitchell, and then some by Kelly and Cass. It was a successful experiment, and captured some of Dave's magnificence. The questions will indeed be brought out again, next film-worthy gathering. Dave disappeared for a few hours, and we couldn't find him, but then he turned up again. And the next morning I went out to the diner for breakfast with Michelle and Dave and Jeff, and while it was slightly below par, it's still great to go out and get a diner breakfast the morning after a party.

So thanks a LOT, guys. Awesome. I feel productive when I've had a good a time as all that.